Structural Engineering Exam

NCEES 16 Hour Structural Engineering Exam Details

The Structural Engineering exam is typically the last step in become a fully licensed structural engineer. Refer to the NCEES exam schedule for upcoming exam dates. This exam is targeted for an engineer with 4 or more years of structural engineering experience after college graduation.  Exam specifications and references will be posted on the NCEES website 6 months prior to exam administration.

The exam consists of two 8 hour breadth and depth exams. On day one, the examinee will take the 8 hour Vertical Forces Component which focuses on gravity loads and incidental lateral loads (lateral earth pressures). Day 2 will consist of the 8 hour Lateral Forces Component. Each component consists of a 4 hour, multiple choice, breadth exam in the morning, and a 4 hour, essay style, depth exam in the afternoon. Examinees must choose either buildings or bridges for the afternoon portion of each component, and must make the same choice for both components.

This exam is open book, and the examinee is allowed to bring any reference to the exam provided it is bound, and stays bound throughout the test. Loose papers bound by a 3 ring binder, or other device, are acceptable. Refer to the calculator policy for a list of approved calculators for this exam.

The Structural Engineering Reference Manual by Alan Williams is a great resource for this exam.

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