Statics is the branch of mechanics that analyzes forces on bodies in static equilibrium.  Serving as the basis for structural design, statics is used to determine reactionary loads at the supports for a member under a given loading, as well as the shears and moments within that member under the same loading.  Below are links from around the internet to several example problems and lectures that will be extremely useful when studying for your professional engineering or structural engineering exam.

If you need to dig deeper into the world of statics, you can download the full series of lectures in the Statics course provided by Texas A and M at , note, this site, and the videos on this page, are in no way affiliated with Texas A and M.

Free Body Diagrams

The following video, posted on youtube by mccandreas, is a great start to explaining statics and free body diagrams:

The following series of videos provided by lasseviren1 on youtube, take the explanation of static equilibrium a little deeper, and provides a few example problems:

Now, let’s take what you’ve learned about statics and apply it to some example problems.  The following problem analyzes an object supported by two cables while being subjected to a point load.  This video was created by MrStatics on youtube:

Also posted by MrStatics, the following problem examines a two dimensional rigid frame in static equilibrium:

Below are a few more examples demonstrating static equilibrium provided by TheMrHandyMan on youtube. The first problem analyzes a beam under a given loading to determine the support reactions.

The second problem provided by TheMrHandyMan examines a shaft under loading in two planes, and uses superposition to combine them to determine the reactions.

Statically inderminate versus statically determinate

Finally, structurefree provides a series of videos that illustrates what a statically indeterminate structure is, and how to determine if a structure is statically determinate. The first video provides an explanation of what a statically indeterminate structure is:

This is followed up with a series of example problems determining if a given structure is indeterminate, and if so, to what degree it is indeterminate:

With the base in statics you’ve achieved by viewing the above videos, you’re ready to move on to structural analysis!

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