Florida Board Contact Information–Professional Engineers

Florida Board of Professional Engineers


2639 North Monroe Street, Suite B-112
Tallahassee Fl 32303-5268

General Contact Information:

Phone: (850) 521-0500
Fax: (850) 521-0521
Email: board@fbpe.org


URL: http://www.fbpe.org/

Contacts for Specific Questions:

Brian Lynch – Manager
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 121
Email: blynch@fbpe.org
Topics: Continuing Education; Active/Inactive Status Changes
Kathy Coleman – Licensure Analyst
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 112
Email: kcoleman@fbpe.org
Topics: Fundamentals of Engineering (Engineer Intern) Exam Applications
Lisa Simmons – Licensure Analyst
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 115
Email: lsimmons@fbpe.org
Topics: Principles & Practice (P.E.) Exam Applications
Brian Henricks – Licensure Analyst
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 116
Email: bhenricks@fbpe.org
Topics: Endorsement (Comity) Applications and Principles & Practice (P.E.) Re-take Applications
Rebecca Valentine – Licensure Analyst
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 105
Email: rvalentine@fbpe.org
Topics: Endorsement Applications with NCEES record, Verifications of Licensure
Nancy Wilkins – Licensure Analyst
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 113
Email: nwilkins@fbpe.org
Topics: Continuing Education &Fundamentals of Engineering (Engineer Intern) Re-take Applications
Kendra Williams – Scanning Technician & Customer Service Representative
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 117
Email: kwilliams@fbpe.org
Topics: Electronic Archive of Records & Operator
Katherine Anderson – Scanning and Licensure Technician
Phone: (850) 521-0500 Ext: 110
Email: kanderson@fbpe.org
Topics: Electronic Archive of Records

Board Members:

John C. Burke, P.E. (Electrical)
Warren G. Hahn, P.E. (Mechanical)
Vice Chair
Christian S. Bauer, Ph.D., P.E. (Industrial)
David O. Charland, P.E., S.I. (Structural) Anthony “Tony” Fiorillo, P.E., CGC, LEED AP (Civil) William C. Bracken, P.E., S.I.
Kenneth Todd, P.E. (Civil) Nola Garcia Mary Young
Michelle Roddenberry, Ph. D., P.E. Richard C. Wohlfarth, P.E. (Civil)

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