Ohio Board Contact Information – Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Ohio State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors

Mailing Address:

50 West Broad Street, Suite 1820
Columbus, Ohio 43215-5905

General Contact Information:

Phone: (614) 466-3651
Toll Free: (877) 644-6364
Fax: (614) 728-3059

Email: pes.board@pes.ohio.gov


URL: http://peps.ohio.gov/

Board Staff:

John Greenhalge
Executive Director
Phone: (614) 466-3651
Email: john.greenhalge@pes.ohio.gov
Lynn Jones
Assistant Executive Director
Phone: (614) 728-3063
Email: lynn.jones@pes.ohio.gov
Jason McLean
Enforcement Supervisor
Phone: (614) 728-0499
Email: jason.mclean@pes.ohio.gov
Amanda Ault
Exam, Comity Applications
Phone: (614) 728-7463
Email: amanda.ault@pes.ohio.gov
Jenifer Sword
P.E., P.S. Renewals
Phone: (614) 644-9070
Email: jenifer.sword@pes.ohio.gov
Carol Scott
Verifications, Certificates
Phone: (614) 644-9072
Email: carol.scott@pes.ohio.gov
Karen Schick
CPD, Certificates of Authorization
Phone: (614) 466-9106
Email: karen.schick@pes.ohio.gov
Dwight Phelps
Licensing, Forms, Website
Phone: (614) 644-9090
Email: dwight.phelps@pes.ohio.gov

Board Members:

James D. Mawhorr, P.E., P.S.
Chandra R Shah, P.E.
Vice Chair
Franklin D. Snyder Jr., P.S.
Nelson E. Kohman, P.E.
Keith C. Swearingen, P.E.

Ohio Forms and Links

Important Links:


Ohio Licensing


Welcome to the Ohio professional engineering licensing page! This page will provide all of the detailed steps necessary to get licensed and stay licensed as a professional engineer in Ohio. For detailed contact information for the Ohio Professional Engineers and Survey Board, see the contact information page. Ohio does not license civil professional engineers and structural engineers separately. As a licensed civil professional engineer in the state of Ohio, the licensee may legally practice within the branch of structural engineering.

Through this page, you can find detailed instructions on how to:

  • Apply for your Engineer-in-Training Certification – Coming Soon!
  • Apply for your Professional Engineering License – Coming Soon!
  • Apply for your Professional Engineering License by comity – Coming Soon!

You can also:

  • Review renewal requirements for your Civil Professional Engineering license – Coming Soon!
  • Review continuing education requirements for your Civil Professional Engineering license – Coming Soon!

Refer to the forms and links page if you want to download an application, review continuing education requirements, lookup a license, etc.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact us at info@civilpe.net.