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Arizona Engineer-in-Training Certification

Under Arizona law, certification as an Engineer-in-Training is the first step toward becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.

Requirements for Licensure

Engineer-in-Training (EIT) certification applicants must have:

  • 4 years of active engagement directly related to the applicant’s branch of engineering.
  • AND Previously passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering exam.
  • AND Passed the NCEES Professional Engineering exam.

Active engagement may come in the form of a combination of education, work experience, or a combination of both.

Active engagement for education is granted as follows:

  • Applicants with a bachelor degree from an ABET accredited school in the discipline for which registration is sought are granted 48 months of active engagement.
  • Applicants with a bachelor degree and a master’s or doctorate degree from ABET accredited schools in the discipline for which registration is sought are granted 60 months of active engagement.
  • Applicants with a bachelor degree from an ABET accredited school in a discipline other than that for which registration is sought are granted 36 months of active engagement.

Active engagement in work experience is credited as follows:

  • 130 hours or more of work experience in a given month in the discipline for which registration is sought is credited 1 month.
  • 85 to 129 hours of work experience in a given month in the discipline for which registration is sought is credited 0.5 months.
  • Less than 85 hours of work experience in a given month is given no credit.
Refer to the board for more information on the above listed requirements.

Application Process

The Engineer-in-Training application process requires two steps, completing the application for the board, and registering for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam through NCEES. Instructions are provided by the board at the following location:

If you’ve graduated from an ABET accredited school of engineering, the first step is to register for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam though NCEES.  This will ensure a seat is saved for the next exam.  If you haven’t graduated from an accredited school and are claiming work experience, submit the board application first and await approval prior to registering with NCEES. The NCEES registration fee for the FE exam is $125.00.

Second, the applicant submits a completed Engineer-in-Training application to the Arizona board.  Fill out the form, and submit the original, along with a copy, to the board with a $40.00 check made payable to the Board of Technical Registration.  Make sure to include the completed Arizona Statement of Citizenship with the application. If the applicant is claiming the educational credit, he or she must request official school transcripts be sent directly to the board after a degree is received.  The applicant may apply prior to graduation, but the Engineer-in-Training certification will not be given until the Fundamentals of Engineering exam is passed, and the board has received proof of the completion of an approved engineering program.

If the applicant is claiming a combination of education and work experience, he or she must have the transcripts sent directly to the board even if a degree was not received. If work experience credit is requested, you must provide the names and addresses of supervisors for a minimum of 3 engagements.  If you are unable to provide this information for 3 engagements, submit a statement to the board explaining why, and provide contact information for three references unrelated to you.  Mail the Authorization Release Letter and Certificate of Experience Form, along with a stamped envelope addressed to the Board, to each supervisor and/or reference listed on your application. Your supervisors and/or references must mail the completed forms directly to the Board.

Exam Exemptions

The Board shall exempt an applicant from the in training examination if the applicant is a graduate of a school and curriculum approved by the Board, and has been actively engaged in experience in the profession for which registration is sought for at least twelve years after graduation.

License by Comity

If the applicant has passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in another state, the applicant will not be required to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam a second time, provided the exam was an 8-hour written EIT/FE exam. Proof of taking and passing this examination must be verifiable by the appropriate state’s Engineering Board.

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Details

Designed for students who are within one year of completing their undergraduate degree in engineering, the Fundamentals of Engineering exam is typically the first step in becoming fully licensed as a Professional Engineer. A 4 hour general morning session, and a 4 hour discipline specific afternoon session constitute the 8 hour, multiple choice exam.  All examinees are  required to take the same morning exam, which tests basic math, science and engineering knowledge typically obtained in the first 2 years of an ABET accredited engineering program.    The afternoon portion of the exam tests engineering discipline specific knowledge typically gained in the first 3 years of an ABET accredited program.  Examinees choose 1 of the following 7 modules for the afternoon portion of the exam (click on the link for exam details) :

The FE exam is closed book, and each examinee will be given a reference manual on exam day.  A copy of this manual may be purchased at  for review prior to exam day.

Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education is not required for those holding an Engineer-in-Training certification.

License Renewal

The Engineer-in-Training license does not expire and is not subject to renewal.

Arizona Board Contact Information – Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

Arizona State Board of Technical Registration


1110 W. Washington Street, Suite 240
Phoenix, AZ 85007

General Contact Information:

Phone: (602) 364-4930
Fax: (602) 364-4931




Name: Ronald W. Dalrymple, CPM
Title: Executive Director
Phone: (602) 364-4930
Name: John Spencer
Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: (602) 542-5792
Name: Patricia Sandino
Title: Administrative Services Officer
Phone: (602) 364-4946

Name: Shari Courtnay
Title: Administrative Secretary II
Phone: (602) 364-4887

Get Answers to Specific Questions

Question: Professional Engineering Registration Renewal Process
Name: Gina Latour
Phone: (602) 364-4941
Question Topic: Professional Engineering or Engineer-in-Training Licensing Process (if your last name begins with A-K)
Name: Loretta Hallett
Phone: (602) 364-4943
Question Topic: Professional Engineering or Engineer-in-Training Licensing Process (if your last name begins with L-Z)
Name: Tanya Salinas
Phone: (602) 364-4942

Board Members:

Erick Fred Weiland, Geologist
Harold “Hal” Epperson, Land Surveyor
Leroy E. Brady,Landscape Architect
Susan Schaefer Kliman, Architect John Willett, Professional Engineer (Civil) Robert M. Stanley, Professional Engineer (Civil/Structural)
P.Douglas Folk, Public Member Douglas T. Whitneybell, Architect Jason K. Madison, Professional Engineer (Structural)

Download a Professional Engineering and/or Professional Land Surveying Roster:

Rosters for the state of Arizona may be downloaded free of charge at

Arizona Licensing

arizonaWelcome to the Arizona licensing page! This page will provide all of the detailed steps necessary to get licensed and stay licensed as a professional engineer in Arizona.

Engineering licensing in Arizona is unique, as an education in engineering is not a requirement for licensure.  Without an education from an accredited university, anyone can get licensed with as little as 8 years of experience in engineering in the discipline for which registration is sought!

For detailed contact information for the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, see the contact information page.

Through this page, you can find detailed instructions on how to:

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