California Land Surveyor-in-Training Certification

Under California law, certification as a LSIT is the first step toward becoming a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.

Requirements for Licensure

Land Surveyor-in-Training (LSIT) certification applicants must have:

  • Three years or more of postsecondary (college-level) land surveying education.
  • OR three years or more of land surveying-related work experience.
  • OR a combination of postsecondary (college-level) land surveying education and land surveying-related work experience totaling three years.
  • AND Previously passed the NCEES Fundamentals of Surveying exam.

Application Process

The LSIT application process for California is new as of the October 2012 examination. New candidates now apply to sit for the Fundamentals of Surveying exam directly through NCEES (the FS exam author and administrator). To earn the LSIT certification, each applicant must register for the Fundamentals examination on the NCEES website (navigate to to begin the registration process). pay the NCEES examination fee, which is $170 at the time of this writing, and sit for the Fundamentals examination. Examinees who pass the examination then apply to the Board of Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists, and pay the application fee of $50.00 (at the time of this writing) to be issued a certificate as a Land Surveyor-in-Training.

Exam Exemptions

California lists no exemptions for the Fundamentals of Surveying exam.

License by Comity

If the applicant has passed the FS exam in another state, the applicant will not be required to take the FS exam a second time, provided the exam was an 8-hour written LSIT/FS exam. Proof of taking and passing this examination must be verifiable by the appropriate state‟s Engineering Board.

FS Exam Details

Designed for students who are within one year of completing their undergraduate degree, the Fundementals of Surveying exam is typically the first step in becoming fully licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor.  This 8 hour, 170 multiple choice exam is split into a 4 hour morning session, and a 4 hour afternoon session.  The FS exam is closed book, and each examinee will be given a reference manual on exam day.  A pdf outlining this reference material may be downloaded from NCEES as a study aid at no charge. Refer to the FS exam specifications provided by NCEES for a detailed breakdown of what will be tested in the Fundamental of Surveying exam.

Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education is not required for those holding an LSIT certification.

License Renewal

The LSIT certification does not expire, and is not subject to renewal.


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